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Fire up your Metabolism with this amazing 8-Week Meal Plan.  


The 8-week Activate Plan works on 2000 calories per day and ensures that those calories are coming from highly nutritional sources to ensure that your body is still able to function at its healthiest.


For every week of the 8-Week plan, you will get:


  • a meal plan for every day of the 8-weeks (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks),


  • a shopping list for each week to help you prepare, and


  • a food swap list should there be a food that you do not like.


This plan is perfect for:

  • men,
  • active women (5+ high energy sessions per week), and
  • women that are over 6ft (185cm) and 220lb (100kg).

Activate - 8-Week Meal Plan

  • This meal plan has been prepared by a registered dietician.  It is not for the treatment of any medical condition or disease.  For further assistance in these areas, contact a qualified medical or health practioner.

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